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Is your WIFI network secure?

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Most Wi-Fi networks use poor security which leaves you exposed to privacy breaches and identity theft. Wifi Protector scans all the wi-fi networks you use on regular basis for any security problems and helps to protect you online.


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  • “There was a lot to like about WiFi Protector, such as detecting intruders using the device list and seeing how the wireless network is configured. Its turn-on-and-go approach is very useful for users who don't want to have to think about VPN.”

  • “One big advantage of WiFi Protector is the fact that it is simple and organized, making it easy to use.”

  • “It is an extremely easy-to-use tool that protects your wireless connection using 256 bit encryption.”

  • “The service is billed as offering users a 256-bit VPN tunnelling facility, but also probes the WiFi network users for any other vulnerabilities, as well as logging what other devices are connected to the wireless access point.”

  • 8/10 Very good!


  • Easy to use

    Simple to use but powerful security application that will protect you online where traditional antivirus software stops.

  • Bank-level security

    All your web browsing is protected by 256 bit encryption which protects you from identity theft, unsecured connections and snooping.

  • Privacy and anonymity

    Hides your real IP address and gives you anonymity and freedom to use the internet privately without any restrictions or censorship.

  • Anitvirus Protection

    The best Anti-virus Protection.
    Quick and non-instrusive.
    Replaces your existing Antivirus program.

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Installer Notice: In addition to installing Wifi Protector, our installer will make recommendations for additional free software that you may be interested in. Additional software may include browser add-ons and other types of applications. You are not required to install any additional software with Wifi Protector. You can completely remove the program at any time in Windows Add/Remove Programs. Wifi Protector has optional features which require payment and offers additional bundle products that may include advertisements.

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