Wifi Protector provides protection on unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots by Intrusion detection, Wi-Fi security settings scans and VPN protection. All of this is included in one, powerful, software package.

Wifi Protector is available in two versions.

  • The Basic version is completely free and is supported by unobtrusive advertising.
  • The Full version requires a monthly subscription and offers choice of Country for your VPN, faster browsing and no ad interruptions. You can buy the full version here.


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VPN Protection

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be thought of as your private tunnel between your computer and the Internet. This, effectively, makes all communication to and from your computer ‘invisible’ to anyone around you. In fact, your data (information) is encrypted making it meaningless to anyone else.

The Wifi Protector VPN uses OpenVPN technology which is the most secure VPN protocol available today. Unlike other VPN products, Wifi Protector offers VPN protection completely free. Also, Wifi Protector offers “automatic protection mode” which ensures that the protection will be automatically enabled for you.

Likewise, if Wifi Protector detects an intruder, all the communication from your computer will be isolated and the attacker will not be able to see your internet activity.

Choose The Country For Your VPN

When you can choose the Country for your VPN you gain access to sites that may be blocked from the Country you are in. Such as:

  • Social networks (blocked by China for example)
  • Business networks that restrict access from outside the company
  • News Services limited to the host Country
  • TV Services limited to the host Country

Our full protection is provided by using a Virtual Private Network that encrypts the data that you send or receive and sends it to the Internet via one of our secure servers that are situated all over the World. We normally choose the server that is closest to you that gives the best Internet Speed. However, there are great advantages to being able to choose a particular Country and we allow you to do this in the paid version.

Hacking Alerts

Wifi Protector continuously monitors your Wi-Fi and cabled network for attempted hacking (attempts by strangers or unauthorised users to gain access to your devices). Wifi Protector can even identify attacks that use 'spoofing' so that they appear to come from a trusted device. You will immediately be notified when a new device connects to your network and if the device is detected as being an attempted hack or intrusion you will alerted. You should notify your system administrator who will then take the necessary steps to block the intruder. This keeps your device and your sensitive information safe.

Wifi Protector can do this because it knows how to detect the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) spoofing attacks. These can be particularly dangerous when they 'spoof' the MAC address of the Gateway but are just as serious when they imitate other trusted devices. As soon as such an attack is detected our VPN protection is started and all data leaving or entering your computer is safely encrypted, avoiding the intruder intervention.

Wi-Fi Security Scan

Every Wi-Fi router needs to be configured properly to make sure only authorized users can access it. This is especially the case with business and home users where Wi-Fi hotspots need to be private.

Wifi Protector will scan your current network and reveal any security problems such as insecure authentication protocols and weak passwords.

At the same time you will get a similar security report of all the networks you have connected to in the past. You will get these reports even if you didn’t have Wifi Protector installed or running when you connected to them – you will know immediately which of your favourite Hotspots are unsafe.

Wi-Fi Network Protection

If your Wi-Fi network is unsecure you have two options to fix it.

If it is your home Wi-Fi network you can learn from Wifi Protector security report and improve the security by re-configuring your router. For this you will need a network cable and the login information for your router (supplied by your Internet Service Provider).

If you are not authorized to change the settings or you do not have the necessary login information for your router then you can secure yourself using the VPN protection provided by Wifi Protector.

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